Vacant Church Property Update

From the Board of Elders:

“After lengthy discussion and soul-searching by your Elders, we
are now pleased to announce that we have found a suitable
buyer for our vacant property to develop it for Senior and
Family Housing. We have entered into a contract with Mr. Luke
Wiebe and his partners to purchase the 5.7 acres of vacant land.

The fair price for the property will not only allow us to pay off
our mortgage in full, but will leave us funds in the bank to do
any maintenance required on Our Saviour and St. Mark.

From Schedule A of the sale agreement: “Up to 12 Our Saviour
Lutheran Church congregants will be given first right of refusal
on proposed units to be built on subject land”. This was the main
item required for a potential buyer and your Elders believe that
Mr. Luke Wiebe and his team fit that requirement.

Regretfully, because of the COVID-19 restrictions and related health
concerns, we were not allowed to host a voters meeting to
discuss this sale at this time. For that reason, and the short time
frame required by the buyer, your Board of Elders voted
unanimously to take advantage of this timely offer.

We also took into consideration that at previous voters’ meetings, the
Elders were asked to find a buyer for the vacant property that
fit our wishes for development.

A full copy of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale is available to all members of the church and can be picked up at the church office or mailed upon request. Thank you.”

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